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Ultiminate ZEN Facial........90min $275

Pure Holistic Facial / Vita-ZEN Infusion/ Microcurrent LIFT / LED / Gua Sha / Collagen Masque This is it..the Ultimate treatment for ahhhmazing results



Pure Envy Signature Facial......... 90min $150

The ultimate experience in skincare! Indulge yourself with a unique European facial including a revitalizing facial massage, hot & cold stone therapy, foot/shoulder/neck/scalp massage with acupressure point work... AND YOUR CHOICE of added Gua Sha wrinkle release with LED...OR Microcurrent LIFT... a complete detoxification to boost lymph & get GLOWing..from the inside...out!


Gratitude-Glow Facial.................. 1hr $130

This holistic treatment takes into consideration the body, mind & spirit. We compliment it with a specialty Collagen Masque & LED photo-rejuvenation treatment! This is a WOW instant results!


Pure Balance Facial..................75min $120

cleanse/enzyme herbal peel/ultrasonic/extractions/ crystal balancing/ custom masque...foot massage w/ acupressure point work w/ hot stones...hand treatment..shoulder/neck massage..LED photo-rejuvenation!!


Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation...........1hr $100

TCM(traditional chinese medicine)..cleanse..enzyme steam while shoulder/neck massage, Lymphatic drainage, Fascia release, toning, masque w foot massage, LED


Pure Holistic Facial..............30min $50 /  45min $65 /  1hr $85

Osmosis Medical-grade Holistic Skincare combined with organic herbs & advanced peptide technology...includes a double cleanse, gentle enzyme exfoliation with steam while enjoying a foot massage, skin analysis & extractions (if necessary), facial massage, custom treatment masque while experiencing our shoulder/neck massage, serum infusion, & perfect hydration!  

*extractions & foot massage not included in 30min

*foot massage not included in 45min


Back Envy............ 30min $75

Feel confident to bare it all...includes a deep cleansing, custom body peel, extractions if necessary, healing masque & mini foot reflexology


Reflex & Refresh Facial.....30min. $90 / 45min. $120

Skincare & Reflexology at the same time? Two therapists in 1 treatment.! Includes hand & foot reflexology, hot towels, & Refresher Facial. Four hands simultaneously working to relax & refresh like no other treatment!


Teen Clean Facial with LED........................................... 30min $65

Deep cleansing, Custom Peel, face massage with custom masque, extractions, LED light therapy to heal, calm, & kill bacteria ! Take home custom treatment masque!





A La Carte *Add to any Facial

Microcurrent Natural faceLIFT with LED.. $75

LED photo-rejuvenation.. $30

ZEN non-chemical Peel Infusion.. $75

Vita-ZEN nano-needle Infustion (herbs/vitamins/stemcell)..$50

Specialty Peels/Enzymes.. $15

Seasonal Specialty Masques.. $15

Collagen Eye Treatment..$10





This is great news for those affected by fever blisters/cold sores...Melissa Essential Oil has been shown to heal, prevent further spreading, & nip things in the bud when taken internally & applied topically! 
Pure Envy Aesthetics "Skincare & Wellness Studio" (631-255-0095) we, as your trusted Skincare Professionals DO NOT and WILL NOT treat skin when this virus is present. This is entirely for YOUR safety, as we do not want to further spread the virus anywhere else on the face & especially to your EYES (which can cause blindness!). We take your safety & well being into full consideration and as our top priority. Please reschedule your appts when an outbreak is present...we will not WAX you (so please don't beg us), & we will not perform ANY type of Facial or Skincare treatment(even if you have had it done before & nothing happened). With knowledge, comes great responsibily...and now that WE have learned how dangerous for you this can be...we will not put you at risk :) Thank you
Great Research on Melissa EO and Herpes Outbreaks!