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SkinCARE Consultation 15min...$30

This includes a cleansing of the skin, skin analysis, creating a treatment plan & custom at home routine. Service Fee waived when purchasing 3+ products 


Pure Envy Custom Signature Facials


Cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, masque treatment with hot stone shoulder/neck massage (extractions not included) *Prepaid Packe of (3)...save $15! Package of (6)...save $60!!



Double-handed gua sha deep oil cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, extractions if necessary, masque treatment w hot stone shoulder/neck massage  *Prepaid Package of (3)..save $15! Package of (6)..save $60!!



Deep Ultrasonic cleansing, custom/specialty/seasonal enzyme exfoliation, advanced face massage, extractions if nec, Peptide treatment w/ LED photo-rejuvenation, hot stone foot massage, custom masque treatment w hot stone shoulder/neck massage  *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60!



Deep Ultrasonic cleansing, custom specialty/seasonal enzyme exfoliation w/ hot stone foot massage, advanced face massage w added toning stimulation & any combination of facial cupping/ double handed gua sha, extractions if nec, custom masque treatment w/ hot stone shoulder/neck massage, & hydrating hand massage w/ LED photo-rejuvenation! *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60



Deep Ultrasonic cleansing, TCM -Gua Sha Face Sculpting treatment, Facial cupping, LED photo-rejuvenation w hot stone foot massage, custom seasonal/specialty enzyme exfoliation w advanced face massage w added toning stimulation, extractions if nec, masque treatment w hot stone shoulder/neck massage!, & Collagen Eye Treatment with rose quartz acu-point work!  *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60!


30min Deep Clean Facial..$100

Great for teens & everyone inbtwn... to correct & maintain healthy skin! Includes deep cleansing, face massage, extractions, & CHOICE OF Ultrasound/LED BOOST for collagen building/plumping/rejuvenation  - or  -  Xenon IPL/LED for healing acne/rosacea..brightening pigmentation/scarring..calming.. collagen boost, ending with our Korean Goat Milk Peel (great for ALL skin)  *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60!!


Holistic Peel Alternative..$200   "Peel & GLOW with Xenon IPL"

Can be done as a 1x BOOST..or in a series of 4 sessions done weekly or bi-weekly..depending on your SkinCARE goals. Using marine spicules as a microneedling alternative..we create micro-channels in skin to allow further penetration of ingredients. These spicules continue working for 72hrs & naturally expel themselves. This amazing boost in rejuvenation causes skin turnover from the inside-out (insstead of outside-in which can cause inflammation) INCLUDES Ultrasound BOOST & our NEW Xenon IPL treatment to boost healing, brightening, skin rejuvenation!! This treatment is great for improving skin texture, promoting collagen & elastin, targeting fine line/wrinkles, assisting in mild acne & scarring!

*TAKE HOME our Phyto-Nourish Facial Oil for continued healing/hydration/calming when you purchase a package of 4!

               *prepare BEFORE your treatment.. ..no waxing 5days b4 peel & 2weeks after ..stop using retinols/AHA/medicated creams 1week b4 & 2weeks after ..no water or sweat for 12hrs after peel ..no intense excercises (including hot yoga & saunas/ hot tubs) for few days after peel (internal heat can aggravate skin after a peel) ..follow your aftercare program..listen to your Aesthetician..no picking/peeling skin ..SPF..& GLOW on!


1hr CBD-ZEN Facial..$175

Deep Ultrasonic cleansing, custom specialty/seasonal enzyme exfoliation, advanced face massage w added toning stimulation, extractions if nec, LED photo-rejuvenation w hot stone foot massage, ZEN micro-channeling infusion, cooling CBD masque treatment w hot stone shoulder/neck massage! *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60!I


75min Korean-GLOW Facial..$200

NEW..Glass Skin Treatment! Cleansing, advanced face massage w toning stimulation, Korean Goat Milk Peel, PLLA (line filling) masque treatment with Ultrasound/LED , Hot stone foot or shoulder/neck massages, ending with all our Korean PLLA products (PLLA is Poly L Lactic Acid..a biostimulator for collagen..used in the filler Sculptra & in liquid stiches)..Goat Milk Serum, Cavi-plla serum, StemCELL mist, & PLLA moisturizer..enjoy a take home serum to use for rest of the week!   (Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6).. save $60!!


75min Cold Plasma-24K Gold Facial..$250

NEW..This is a WOW treatment!! Combining our Signature Facial with our non-invasive Cold Jet Plasma to target acne / pigmentation / eczema / rosacea / & Skin tightening!! Adding our Korean 24K Gold infusion for PRO-aging correction & maintenance. This can be done weekly or bi-weekly for best results in a series of 6  (Prepaid Package of (6)...Buy 5 get the 6th FREE!)


2hrs Ultimate ZEN..$350

Includes our Signature Facial / Vita-ZEN microchanneling infusion / Microcurrent & Ultrasound LIFT / LED / Xenon IPL / Gua Sha / Facial Cupping / Collagen Masque This is it..the Ultimate treatment for ahhhmazing results! *Prepaid Packages of (3)..save $15! *Prepaid Packages of (6)..save $60!!


Micro-current w/ Ultrasound LIFT & LED..Full face/Neck/Chest $150 / Spot Treatment $85 (Forehead & eyes / Mid-face / Neck & Chest)

Stimulate Muscles to tighten & tone.. Boost collagen DEEP into the Dermis ..smooth out lines & plump skin! Can be done in a series of 1 or 2x a week for 6treatments ....results are cumulative!!       Add to any facial..Full Face $100 / Spot Treatment $50. Prepaid Packages Available (Buy 5, Get 6th FREE) 


Infrared Sauna Wrap DETOX & Micro-current w/ Ultrasound LIFT COMBO..$175

Boost your Sauna experience with some added love for your skin & facial muscles! Let us wrap you up in our comfortably- heated, deep penetrating far infrared heat to boost immunity, metabolism, blood & lymph flow, decrease stress, sleep better, ease chronic pain &more! While wrapped..enjoy a Ultrasound/LED Treatment for full face/neck & Microcurrent-LIFT to not only lift and stimulate facial/neck muscles...but also to release & relax overused expression lines! Sweat..Detox..Tighten..LIFT & GLOW


PureSculpt Needle-free Facial Filler..$225

Using the power of PLLA (poly-l lactic acid) to promote collagen, fill in lines, & plump skin! Series of 3-8treatments depending on skin health...must be done weekly! 1 treatment Lasts 5 weeks! FULL series lasts 5-6months! *Add neck/chest..$25! *Package of (3)..$600 (Lasts 5-6 months!)


30min Back Envy..$85

Deep cleansing back treatment! Includes peel, extractions, healing mask, & LED!


*ADD ON SkinCARE Menu*


Lactic Peel / Goat Milk Peel / Bakuchiol Peel..$25 (all skin)

Pumpkin Peel..$25 (acne / sun damge)

Dermal Flash Peel..$25 (anti-aging / stimulating)

Collagen & Spicule Eye Tx w/ Gua Sha Wrinkle Release...$25 (overnight treatment)

Collagen or CBD Masque..$20 (anti-aging / heal / hydrate)

Firm & LIFT Masque..$30 (anti-aging / stimulating) 

PLLA wrinkle-filling Masque..$30 (anti-aging)

Marine Mermaid Masque with Cold Globe Massage..$30 (cooling / calm / hydrate)

ZEN Microchanneling Infusion..$50

Ultrasound/LED &/or Radio Frequency/LED..$50

NEW! Xenon IPL..$50 

Micro-current/Ultrasound/LED (Spot Treatment.).$50

Collagen BOOSTing Micro-current Masque (Face & Chest)..$50

Micro-current/Ultrasound/LED LIFT (Full face/neck/chest)..$100

NEW! Cold Plasma Treatment...$100

Hydrating Thermal Hand or Foot Treatment...$10 each



*At Pure Envy Aesthetics "Skincare & Wellness Studio" (631-255-0095) we, as your trusted Skincare Professionals DO NOT and WILL NOT treat skin when this virus is present. This is entirely for YOUR safety, as we do not want to further spread the virus anywhere else on the face & especially to your EYES (which can cause blindness!). We take your safety & well being into full consideration and as our top priority. Please reschedule your appts when an outbreak is present...we will not WAX you (so please don't beg us), & we will not perform ANY type of Facial or Skincare treatment(even if you have had it done before & nothing happened). With knowledge, comes great responsibility...and now that WE have learned how dangerous for you this can be...we will not put you at risk :) Thank you