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Micro-Current Natural Facelift with LED Photo-rejuvenation...$125  *Add to any Facial...$75

Microcurrent is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates facial muscles to tighten, tone,& lift! It boosts ATP(cell energy) production by 500% too! LED stimulates collagen production, heals blemishes, soothes irritated skin, brightens complexion and promotes healthy lymphatic drainage. This NEW “smart” technology has built in sensors to adjust to your skins specific needs! Results are amazing! (Maximum results when given in a series of 6 to 12 treatments, done 1-2x/week)


Nano-needle ZEN Infusion........... $125 



Reflex & Refresh........... 30min $90  / 45min $120



Long distance Skin-CARE Coaching....... $75

*$35 goes towards products purchased & FREE shipping!





This is great news for those affected by fever blisters/cold sores...Melissa Essential Oil has been shown to heal, prevent further spreading, & nip things in the bud when taken internally & applied topically! 
Pure Envy Aesthetics "Skincare & Wellness Studio" (631-255-0095) we, as your trusted Skincare Professionals DO NOT and WILL NOT treat skin when this virus is present. This is entirely for YOUR safety, as we do not want to further spread the virus anywhere else on the face & especially to your EYES (which can cause blindness!). We take your safety & well being into full consideration and as our top priority. Please reschedule your appts when an outbreak is present...we will not WAX you (so please don't beg us), & we will not perform ANY type of Facial or Skincare treatment(even if you have had it done before & nothing happened). With knowledge, comes great responsibily...and now that WE have learned how dangerous for you this can be...we will not put you at risk :) Thank you


Great Research on Melissa EO and Herpes Outbreaks!